To watch the National Geographic Abu Dhabi channel, channel, it is important to have all HD-enabled equipment. This includes an HD-enabled receiver and an HD-compatible satellite dish. Here are the steps to set up your equipment:

  1. Ensure that you have an HD-enabled receiver.
  2. Make sure your satellite dish is HD-compatible and set up to receive Nilesat 201/301 satellite signals.


Once you have the necessary HD-enabled equipment, follow these steps to set up your receiver:

  1. Go to the receiver's search or add channel function.
  2. Enter the following frequency: 11411 MHz.
  3. Set the polarization to horizontal.
  4. Choose the DVB-S2 modulation with 8 PSK.
  5. Set the symbol rate to 30,000 K s/s.
  6. Choose the FEC setting to either AUTO or 3/4.


By following these steps and ensuring that you have all HD-enabled equipment, you will be able to access the National Geographic Abu Dhabi channel and enjoy high-quality viewing.