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  • Hitler's Jurassic Monsters show

    Hitler's Jurassic Monsters

    Hitler's Jurassic Monsters

  • Dictators Rulebook show

    Dictators Rulebook

    From Mussolini to Saddam Hussein, Dictators have shaped the world we live in. But how did they do it? What methods did they...

  • Idi Amin show

    Idi Amin

    A look at the techniques used by Idi Amin to rise from humble beginnings and build a powerful dictatorship in Uganda. Amin...

  • Spark Of Civilization show

    Spark Of Civilization

    We are the Fire Species. Harnessing fire gave us the power to create, to destroy and to transform. But it also taught us hard...

  • Manuel Noriega show

    Manuel Noriega

    A study of the methods used by Manuel Noriega to rise from poverty to become dictator of Panama for six tumultuous years in...

  • Hitler's Last Stand show

    Hitler's Last Stand

    In the days and weeks after June 6th, the Allies pour into Europe via the beaches of Normandy. But despite securing the...

  • Ultimate Tutankhamun show

    Ultimate Tutankhamun

  • Escobar show


    Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria built his cocaine empire on bribes, bodies and trust.

  • Hitler's Meth Heads show

    Hitler's Meth Heads

    Historian Sam Willis and Urban Explorer Robert Joe investigate one of the most astonishing military operations of WWII to...

  • Benito Mussolini show

    Benito Mussolini

    A study of the methods used by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini to rise to power and turn Italy into the first fascist state....

  • Adventure Wanted show

    Adventure Wanted

    Adventure Wanted

  • The 80's show

    The 80's

    The 80's

  • Facing show


    This limited series reveals epic tales of opposition against some of the world’s most powerful icons, from Pablo Escobar to...

  • Pearl Harbor show

    Pearl Harbor

    The extraordinary story of how Japan planned and carried out the surprise air attack on the US Navy in Hawaii. From Admiral...

  • Panzer Fury show

    Panzer Fury

    The Regina Rifles fight to capture the Abbaye D'Ardenne and liberate the city of Caen. Allied forces had planned to take the...

  • Inside Mexican Prison show

    Inside Mexican Prison

    Inside Mexican Prison

  • Suge Knight show

    Suge Knight

    Suge Knight's NFL dreams would meet an abrupt end in 1982 - the same year a gun incident would forever redirect his life.

  • Genius: Picasso show

    Genius: Picasso

    As one of the 20th century’s most influential and celebrated artists, the Genius: Picasso imagined and interpreted the world...

  • Kim Il Sung show

    Kim Il Sung

    A look at the methods used by Kim il Sung to transform North Korea into the most controlled society on Earth. After taking...

  • Herod's Lost Tomb show

    Herod's Lost Tomb

    Herod the Great is one of the Old Testament’s worst villains, best known for ordering the massacre of all male children in...