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  • The Desert Sea - Going To Extremes show

    The Desert Sea - Going To Extremes

    The Sonoran is the wettest and most diverse desert in the Americas. It’s also home to the biggest cacti in North America –...

  • Himalayas - Fight For Survival show

    Himalayas - Fight For Survival

    A 24 hour battle for survival on the greatest mountain range on Earth - the Himalayas - a land where secretive cats hunt on...

  • Equator's Wild Secrets show

    Equator's Wild Secrets

    Life along the equator is spectacularly diverse. More than half of the world's species live here. Tropic Thunder is a 6 part...

  • Sharkfest show


    NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ABU DHABI Bringing six parts of shark-infested programming, SHARKFEST takes you up close and personal with...

  • Carolina Chaos show

    Carolina Chaos

    Shaaaark! When a record number of people are savagely attacked by sharks off the Carolina Coast, shark experts look at the...

  • Anaconda: Queen Of The Serpents show

    Anaconda: Queen Of The Serpents

    Anaconda: Queen Of The Serpents

  • Pride: Rulers At Risk show

    Pride: Rulers At Risk

    For millions of years, big cats have stood atop the food chain as treasured icons of the wild, but as civilization has...

  • World's Deadliest show

    World's Deadliest

    World's Deadliest examines the most riveting moments of animal predation. Comparing behavioural skills of fighting, survival...

  • Shark Survivors: USA show

    Shark Survivors: USA

    Across the coastal waters of the United States, witness breath-taking shark behaviour, rare shark footage and interviews with...

  • Hazen's Wild Survival Guide show

    Hazen's Wild Survival Guide

    Wilderness guide and survivalist, Hazen Audel, travels to the world’s most extreme and punishing environments to test out...

  • Heir to the Clan show

    Heir to the Clan

    There's a new face in a family of spotted hyenas. Spotty is a princess, the daughter of an alpha female, and destined to be...

  • Kings of Nsefu show

    Kings of Nsefu

    Two big male lions, twin brothers with a powerful bond, have ruled the pride for three years but there are rivals closing in...

  • Hunting The Ghost Serpent show

    Hunting The Ghost Serpent

    Fearless wildlife zoologist Jack Randall journeys into Australia's remote Northern Territory to encounter six dangerous pythons.

  • The, Most Venomous Snakes In The World show

    The, Most Venomous Snakes In The World

    Fearless zoologist Jack Randall explores Australia's remote Cape York peninsula, to confront five of the most venomous snakes...

  • Kingdom of The White Wolf show

    Kingdom of The White Wolf

    As Winter approaches, the pack is running out of food and needs a fresh kill. White Scarf leads the pack in a successful hunt...

  • Predators At War show

    Predators At War

    Predators At War

  • Monarch Butterflies show

    Monarch Butterflies

    A wave of orange surrounds the trees during the monarch butterfly migration.

  • Bite Me with Dr Mike Leahy show

    Bite Me with Dr Mike Leahy

    Bite Me with Dr Mike Leahy

  • Hunter Hunted show

    Hunter Hunted

    Hunter Hunted

  • Kamchatka show