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  • Search & Seize show

    Search & Seize

    Search & Seize

  • Cavity Courier show

    Cavity Courier

    Cavity Courier

  • The Hot Zone show

    The Hot Zone

    In 1989, in a scientific facility outside Washington, DC, the deadly Ebola virus made its first known appearance on US soil....

  • Banged Up Abroad show

    Banged Up Abroad

    This series tells the stories of people who, through naivety, stupidity or plain bad luck have been caught smuggling drugs or...

  • Scam City show

    Scam City

  • Wicked Tuna - North vs South show

    Wicked Tuna - North vs South

    After a mediocre North Atlantic blue fin tuna season up north, Captain Dave Marciano and Captain TJ Ott travel south into the...

  • Born of Fire show

    Born of Fire

    The islands of Indonesia, Malaysia and New Guinea are the biologically richest on earth. There are tigers and elephants,...

  • Activate show


    Activate is a six-part National Geographic documentary series about the Global Citizen movement's efforts to eradicate extreme...

  • Breaking Bad In Britain show

    Breaking Bad In Britain

    When police raid his cocaine lab, Pieter Tritton is forced to go on the run; but he can't resist collecting a final shipment...

  • Narco At Nineteen show

    Narco At Nineteen

    In 2012 Simone Blignaut has a lucrative job working for one of Johannesburg's biggest drug dealers, but when her boss entrusts...

  • Tuna Invaders show

    Tuna Invaders

    Wicked Tuna follows a group of salty fishermen from the nation's oldest seaport, Gloucester, Massachusetts, as they make their...

  • The Time Is Now show

    The Time Is Now

    It's the last week of the season and with days running out to produce, the Gloucester captains battle it out for their final...

  • Double Team show

    Double Team

    It’s almost the mid-point of blue fin fishing season so the clock is ticking. New alliances are built and battles continue...

  • The Maasai People show

    The Maasai People

    The Rocco family journeys into the Maasai Mara to have a truly unique and life-changing experience: a Safari adventure to top...

  • Hissy Fit show

    Hissy Fit and Pinwheel continue to lead but when Pinwheel First Mate Duffy makes a series of bad decisions, it could change...

  • Purple Rain show

    Purple Rain

    With major storm fronts coming in, the captains must decide whether they ride the weather out on shore or brave the waves....

  • The End Is Nigh show

    The End Is Nigh

    With time running out the fleet know they don’t have any options other than grinding out the days. Whether they are battling...

  • Worst To First show

    Worst To First

    The Gloucester is back for another season with the biggest paydays they've ever seen and the most toxic voyages in Wicked Tuna...

  • Wicked Waves show

    Wicked Waves

    Stormy seas are on the horizon and when Mother Nature decides to flip her switch, the fleet must decide whether to stay and...

  • PJ’s To The Rescue show

    PJ’s To The Rescue

    Trauma, triage and recovery is routine for these brave Pararescuemen.