• Saturday 11 June 2022 at 7:00PM
  • National Geographic

    • The Abyss show

      The Abyss

      November 22, 1963. The entire world is in shock. President Kennedy has just been assassinated during a trip to Dallas. Even...

    • Apocalypse: War of Worlds show

      Apocalypse: War of Worlds

      The story of this fantastic period of history between 1945 and 1991, which was defined by the confrontation of two worlds and...

    • The Great Rift show

      The Great Rift

      Summer 1945. Leaving the atrocities of World War II behind, the Allied nations wholeheartedly celebrate victory and enjoy a...

    • The Escalation of Fear show

      The Escalation of Fear

      1947. Fearing that a damaged Europe might fall prey to Communism, President Truman launches the Marshall Plan, a major loan...

    • The World Trembles show

      The World Trembles

      September 1950. On the banks at Incheon, 30 miles from Seoul, General MacArthur is victorious. The landing he planned, to...

    • The Conquest show

      The Conquest

      March 1953. Stalin is dead. Following many long hours of agony in his dacha, the Little Father of Peoples is now no more than...

    • The Wall show

      The Wall

      February 24, 1956. During the Soviet Communist Party's twentieth Congress, Khrushchev stuns everyone by denouncing Stalin's...