Could the sacrifice of an entire generation have been avoided? How did such a cruel and far-reaching conflict occur? How did men and women endure this atrocity for four long years?  Produced using over 500 hours of archival footage, much of it previously unseen, and now completely colorised, Apocalypse World War I takes a strategic and global approach to address these fundamental questions, but also, and most importantly, tells the story with a sensitive, intimate approach on a human level.   The story brings you to the heart of battle, from the trenches in the North of France to the lesser-known fronts of Russia, Serbia, Turkey, and Palestine, as well as to the everyday life of civilians behind the lines.  The narration brings to life the memories and the experiences of these men and women, and helps you better understand and feel how yesterday’s world was driven to apocalypse.


  • Apocalypse World War1: Fury
    In 1914, Europe is in the 'Belle ƒpoque'. But on June 28 in Sarajevo, Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated by a Bosnian nationalist.
  • Apocalypse World War1: Fear
    The Battle of Tannenberg is one of the most important events of World War I. Russian advances into Prussian territory provokes a German exodus.
  • Apocalypse World War1: Hell
    September 1915. Fighting reaches an unprecedented level of violence. Artillery relentlessly pounds the enemy.
  • Apocalypse World War1: Rage
    Soldiers and civilians are close to breaking point, and revolution is in the air. If the leaders won't end the war, perhaps the people can.
  • Apocalypse World War1: Deliverance
    All seems lost for the allies, until America enters the war. But in victory, the Treaty of Versailles will lay the foundations for disaster.