A family of demolition experts travels the world blowing down structures built to withstand time, gravity and natural disasters. As much an art as a science, every job poses unique and complex challenges, requiring the Loizeaux family to rewrite the rulebook each time


  • Blowdown: Nuclear Explosion
    A family demolition team from Phoenix, Maryland descends on site of the Sellafield Nuclear plant to take down four outdated nuclear cooling towers. The demolition team plans on making history by being the first to successfully use explosives on an active nuclear site in the United Kingdom. The team has ten days to load and rig 4400 dynamite charges in the towers, one of which is only 40m away from a nuclear fuel processing plant. The team is set to make history, but are worried about the fallout.
  • Blowdown: The Miami Job
    A family demolition team from Phoenix Maryland descends on Miami Beach, Florida to take down an outdated resort complex. Neighboring multi-million dollar condo buildings sit just 18 feet away. The team has limited time to load and rig dynamite and highly specialized, high speed explosives capable of cutting steel. They struggle to keep every ounce of explosive energy from impacting the buildings and people that surround the demolition site.
  • Blowdown: Rocket Tower
    A family demolition team from Phoenix Maryland descends on Cape Canaveral, Florida to take down an obsolete rocket launch tower. The team has one month to load and rig highly specialized, high-speed explosives capable of cutting steel. They struggle to keep the job on schedule and the team safe on this industrial demolition site.
  • Blowdown: Super Dome Demolition
    A skillful demolition team must take down a massive sports stadium in the heart of Indianapolis and keep its destruction from spreading.
  • Blowdown: Unsinkable
    Using torches above the water line and high explosives below, the team sinks a colossal 17,000 ton former spy ship to create an artificial reef.
  • Blowdown: Going For The Record
    An engineering marvel gone horribly wrong deals CDI their strangest challenge yet: demolish a brand new hurricane-proof tower.