When it comes to experiencing the best, most intimate encounters with wildlife ever seen on television, Nat Geo brings together unparalleled cinematography and compelling storytelling to unveil the mysteries of the natural world in rugged, beautiful ways.  Now, Nat Geo presents DESTINATION WILD, a weekly event that leads unforgettable journeys into the wild world – from the most remote environments to forbidding ocean depths and the stunning beauty found just outside our own doors. It is a year-long celebration of the untamed!


  • Destination Wild: America The Wild - Monster Wolf
    Casey Anderson looks for clues which might reveal what is behind a rash of bold wolf behaviour on Vancouver Island.
  • Destination Wild: America The Wild - American Vampire
    In 2011, the first death by vampire bat bite was documented in the United States. It is unlikely to be the last. Casey Anderson investigates.
  • Destination Wild: America The Wild - Super Moose
    Casey goes undercover to investigate hormone-fuelled moose misbehaviour during mating season, when they forsake their usual solitary ways.