Explore a world never seen before a world hidden under miles of water, the landscape of the seabed.  Join expeditions to dive long-lost vessels, discover ancient sites and follow the scientists who are probing the darkest and deepest corners of this underwater world.  Computer generated, three-dimensional maps and imagery will offer a first glimpse of these mysteries.


  • Drain The Oceans: Deep Dive: Sabotage On The High Seas
    In warfare, saboteurs are a silent, unseen enemy with advanced weaponry and their element of surprise sending many ships to their final resting place.
  • Drain The Oceans: Deep Dive: Sunken Cities
    Lost civilizations, mysterious cities and legendary sites have all vanished. Can draining the seas help unlock what caused their demise?
  • Drain The Oceans: Deep Dive: America's Sunken Shores
    War, weather and human error have led to some of the worst maritime disasters history. Drained dry we now reveal the mysteries along America’s shores.
  • Drain The Oceans: Deep Dive: Stormy Seas
    Towering walls of water, powerful winds and churning seas can overwhelm any ship. But what secrets of the stormy seas can now be revealed?
  • Drain The Oceans: Deep Dive: Deep Water Disasters
    The seafloor is the world’s biggest tsunami machine and its dangers have remained hidden from view, until now!
  • Drain The Oceans: Deep Dive: Treasures of The Deep
    For centuries treasure ships sailed the world hunted by pirates, battered by storms and reefs. Only now can we begin to explore what remains of them.
  • Drain The Oceans: Deep Dive: Undersea Empires
    Beneath the waters of the world, lies undersea empires and relics of their bloody wars. Can today’s technology uncover these lost empires?
  • Drain The Oceans: Deep Dive: Sunken War Ships
    Under the seas lives a lost graveyard of sunken war ships. Countless vessels from WWI and WWII pepper the seafloor waiting to be explored.