• Thursday 7 December 2023 at 5:00PM
  • National Geographic

    • Edge of the Unknown with Jimmy Chin show

      Edge of the Unknown with Jimmy Chin

      This series takes audiences inside the minds of elite adventurers as they share stories of confronting fear, loss, and Mother...

    • Riding the Avalanche show

      Riding the Avalanche

      Travis Rice reflects on the avalanche that catapulted him into the unknown, sharing how it has shaped his approach to his...

    • Hunted in the Arctic show

      Hunted in the Arctic

      Sarah McNair Landry and her brother Eric share their story of kite-skiing the Northwest Passage in winter only to be...

    • Deadly Waters show

      Deadly Waters

      Kayakers Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbuic went exploring rivers in Central Africa with their mentor, Hendri Coetzee. Hendri...

    • Fight or Die show

      Fight or Die

      Gerd Serrasolses reflects on a Kayaking mission in which he almost drowned, sharing how it has shaped his approach to...

    • Eaten by Jaws show

      Eaten by Jaws

      Big wave surfer Justine Dupont prepares to ride some of the biggest waves of her life. But to achieve that she has to face...

    • Live Another Day show

      Live Another Day

      While filming in the mountains of the Grand Tetons, Wyoming, alpinist Jimmy Chin is caught in a colossal avalanche that no one...

    • Return to Life show

      Return to Life

      When attempting a first ascent on the tallest unclimbed peak in the Himalayas, legendary climber Conrad Anker has a heart...

    • The No Fall Zone show

      The No Fall Zone

      While filming for a sports movie, skier Angel Collinson falls from a 1000-ft mountain in one of the steepest spines of Alaska.