Life along the equator is spectacularly diverse. More than half of the world's species live here. Tropic Thunder is a 6 part archive series about Equator's wildest and most diverse ecosystems - the Amazon, the Andes, the Galapagos Islands, Borneo and Sumatra, Africa and the Coral sea.


  • Equator's Wild Secrets: Galapagos
    Seven hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador lies a collection of volcanic islands that harbor some of the strangest living things to ever exist. These are the Galapagos Islands.Emerging from beneath the ocean more than 20 million years ago, life here has evolved in isolation to give rise to an astonishing variety of creatures, many found nowhere else on the planet.
  • Equator's Wild Secrets: Borneo And Sumatra
    Two islands are the last strongholds for Southeast Asia's rainforests. Borneo and Sumatra each harbor some of the most unique yet elusive species on Earth. From pygmy elephants to giant trees, flying lizards to swinging red apes, the battle for space influences all.
  • Equator's Wild Secrets: Africa
    The Equator runs two thousand five hundred miles across the great continent of Africa. The species that live here are as varied as its landscapes. Giant grazers and iconic carnivores dominate its arid grasslands while rare apes thrive in its rainforests. Here, floods follow famine year after year but the animals have adapted and evolved to make the most of their environments. This is equatorial Africa - cauldron of evolution
  • Equator's Wild Secrets: Coral Kingdom
    Coral reefs of the Asia-Pacific region are the richest on planet Earth. For the weird and wonderful creatures of the oceans rainforests, interdependence is key to survival.
  • Equator's Wild Secrets: Secret Creatures of The Andes
    Intersecting the equator, the Ecuadorian Andes are a biodiversity hotspot where jungle dwellers live alongside alpine specialists, all uniquely adapted to survive the extremes of mountain-living.
  • Equator's Wild Secrets: Amazon: The Great Flood
    Every year the world's largest rainforest undergoes an epic transformation. Who survives Amazonia's shift from the dry to the wet and who doesn't.