From the great white north to the dirty south, the heartland to the Wild West -- in every nook and corner of the country, industrious and ingenious Americans are proving they're still not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands DIRTY earning a living off the land. Dealing in diverse commodities and methods of harvest that range from the unexpected, to the outright outrageous, one thing remains the same there all cashing in big in the process!


  • Filthy Riches: Bloodworms, Eels & Gators
  • Filthy Riches: Dying For Dollars
  • Filthy Riches: Big Gator, Small Boat
  • Filthy Riches: Monster Storm
  • Filthy Riches: Revenge & Redemption
    After a devastating blow, Jim and Andy are out for revenge and they're heading back out to the island where they're gonna dig two consecutive tides.
  • Filthy Riches: Smoke 'em
    In Louisiana David and Keith and Seth are hot on the trail of a monster gator that's been stealing their bait and costing them thousands of dollars.
  • Filthy Riches: Turf Wars
    In Louisiana the gator hunters are taking the fight to the gators while in the Olympic National Forest, Chris and Levena face their biggest fear.
  • Filthy Riches: Winter Warrior
    Cliff tires to beat the autumn rains and tackle his biggest job of the season while the gator hunters get some bonus tags but they come with a catch.