When Lynea Lattanzio was a child, her mother wouldn't let her have a kitten, now she has over 700 cats!
She also used to lead a millionaire's existence, with a dream house, expensive cars and a husband who could provide her with anything her heart desired.
But she soon discovered that wealth doesn't equal happiness, and she traded in her lavish lifestyle to follow her real heart's desire: looking after California's cats.
In The Lady With 700 Cats, follow Lynea as she runs one of the biggest cat sanctuaries on the planet, caring for over 700 unwanted felines.
In an area where shelters terminate up to 200 cats every day, her 25-strong team are desperate to save the lives of as many kitties as possible.
Over the course of five days see how Lynea looks for animals to help, and witness the never-ending struggle as she deals with irresponsible owners, missing moggies and mounting debts.
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