With unprecedented access, Miracle Hospital takes viewers behind the scenes at St Vincent's Hospitals in Australia where elite specialist teams at the forefront of medical innovation use the latest cutting-edge science and technology to save lives. This is high-stakes, real-life, dramatic storytelling at its best.


  • Miracle Hospital: Episode 1
    Keen cyclist Jason has a prostate eight times normal size. At 89, advanced robotic surgery is the only safe option. Meanwhile, Michelle's jaw joints are so painful she can barely eat, and are replaced with cutting edge 3D printed titanium parts.
  • Miracle Hospital: Episode 2
    A hole in Nicole's heart has led to life-threatening Eisenmenger's syndrome and her only hope of survival is a very rare heart lung transplant. Dr Jacob Fairhall uses a new technique to make Lew's brain tumour fluoresce under a special microscope.
  • Miracle Hospital: Episode 3
    If the cancer in Sarah's sacrum isn't removed, she'll die. But surgery is so complex, Dr Di Bella needs months of planning, a team of specialists and and a hi-tech navigation system. The tremors in Kay's hands are so severe she can barely write or feed herself.
  • Miracle Hospital: Episode 4
    In Sydney 37-year-old patient Melissa hopes that a robotic surgical system will safely remove her multiple uterine fibroids and ultimately allow her the possibility of having a child.
  • Miracle Hospital: Episode 5
    The doctors of Australia’s St Vincent’s hospital use the latest in 3D printing in the hopes of saving not only the life of a patient, but her mobility after a malignant tumour is discovered in her shoulder.
  • Miracle Hospital: Episode 6
    Using cutting edge technology Associate Professors at St Vincent’s hospital create a virtual 3D immersive world which allows them to “walk through the brain” of a stroke victim to uncover what caused the condition.
  • Miracle Hospital: Episode 7
    Suffering from prostate cancer that has spread to 90 per cent of his bones, Joseph becomes the first man to trial the revolutionary new procedure at St Vincent’s hospital, that will directly target the cancer cells.
  • Miracle Hospital: Episode 8