Okavango: River of Dreams

It is born in the highlands of Angola – but, instead of flowing towards the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, it runs inland. After more than 1,500 kilometers, the waters of the Okavango create a huge river delta before disappearing into the Kalahari Desert. Much of the water evaporates in the intense sun, and the rest of it seeps into the parched dry sands of the Kalahari. The Okavango Delta is a true natural wonder – an unlikely oasis, a lush paradise in the middle of a hostile desert, that supports and feeds an incredible abundance of wildlife. This three-part blue-chip series, written and directed by Dereck Joubert, presents pure nature at its finest. The Okavango Delta covers about 15,000 square kilometers, but after the floods of the rainy season it can even grow to around 20,000 square kilometers – almost the size of New Jersey. The vast river system provides a beautiful stage for a drama of untouched nature, a portrait presenting all the richness and beauty of the Okavango. All the characters’ stories are told against the backdrop of their relationship with the water and their contribution to the river system. All the energetic, never-ending circle of life and death occurs in a truly natural paradise.