• Lizard Kings show

    Lizard Kings

    Watch Dr Barr and Gerry Martin as they travel to Sri Lanka to explore the fate of the giant water monitor lizards.

  • Hooked! show


    Hooked is a wild, unforgettable ride of the world's whopper catches.

  • World's Coolest Animals show

    World's Coolest Animals

    Find out more about World Coolest Animals.

  • Sky Monsters show

    Sky Monsters

    The film will offer a profile of the natural history of pterosaurs by examining the work of some leading paleontologists. It...

  • Animal Impact show

    Animal Impact

    Now, in a landmark two-hour mini-series, the secrets of the animal world will be revealed as Animal Impact presents an...

  • The Pack show

    The Pack

    Examine the tactics used by a pride of South African lions in The Pack. See how they hunt three distinct prey animals in the...

  • The Best Job In The World show

    The Best Job In The World

    In February 2009 an extraordinary job position was advertised:  for 6 months, the Great Barrier Reef, off Australia's East...

  • Mega Cruise Ship Diaries show

    Mega Cruise Ship Diaries

    Following the international success of "Inside the Worlds Biggest Cruise Ship" MEGA CRUISE SHIP DIARIES is a six part mini...

  • Eye On Malaysia show

    Eye On Malaysia

    Fight Masters SilatBy day, Joel fights in the American Navy but in his free time, he is an exponent of the Malay martial Art...

  • Megastructures: World’s Fastest Roller Coaster show

    Megastructures: World’s Fastest Roller Coaster

    Take an eye-popping look at the greatest structures and machines ever created as we focus on some of the world's modern-day...

  • Megastructures-Meydan Racecourse show

    Megastructures-Meydan Racecourse

    In the middle of the desert a carpet of lush green grass grows on the world's most luxurious racecourse. Overlooking the...

  • Destination Extreme show

    Destination Extreme

    Destination Extreme is a Hi Def exploration of the planet's most exciting action sports destinations, told by the athletes...

  • City Chase Marrakech show

    City Chase Marrakech

    The 2008 City Chase World Championships is a 3 day urban adventure race and scavenger hunt where 12 international teams...

  • History’s Secrets show

    History’s Secrets

    Mysterious events, compelling figures and great unanswered questions from the past are explored.Mysterious events, compelling...

  • Planet Carnivore show

    Planet Carnivore

    We recount the struggle for survival of an African lioness, a great white shark, and a polar bear.This four-part series offers...

  • Photomentaries show


     "Nat Geo’s Most Amazing Photos follows the world’s most renowned photographers as they scale 100-metre redwood trees, chase...

  • The Border show

    The Border

    Working around the clock at one of the United States’ busiest border crossings, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)...

  • Amazing Planet show

    Amazing Planet

    Why is the Earth so restless? What causes the ground to shake violently, volcanoes to explode, and great mountain ranges to...

  • Engineering South Africa show

    Engineering South Africa

    South Africa is the powerhouse of the African continent and, right now, it is also the biggest building site in the world. As...

  • Perfect Weapon show

    Perfect Weapon

    Mankind’s most awesome and terrifying killing machines forced to prove their worth.In this brand new six-part series, two...