As a former football hard man turned Hollywood strong-arm, Vinnie Jones is no stranger to serious roughhousing and fierce competition. 

But, he is up against his hardest challenge yet in Vinnie Jones: Russia’s Toughest, as he goes head-to-head with men whose fearsome reputations enable them to handle some of the toughest jobs in Russia. 

In a series of six missions that span a vast and volatile land, Vinnie faces the dirty and dangerous worlds of the Train Driver, Bodyguard, Trawler man, Construction Worker, Poacher Warden and Cowboy. 

Vinnie braves temperatures as low as -50, sleeps out in the wild under threat of bears and wolves and slaughters a reindeer to survive; to learning the dark art of close personal protection with elite training in firearms to protect Moscow’s rich and famous from ruthless kidnap gangs. 

Vinnie is pushed to the limit both mentally and physically as he...
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