Stranger Than Nature investigates the strangest real-life stories from the natural world. From the weird & wonderful to the downright creepy, this series examines the most baffling stories Mother Nature has to offer.


  • Stranger Than Nature: Attack of The Squid
  • Stranger Than Nature: Brie Larson In The Pearl Islands
    Jumping from a helicopter, trekking through crocodile filled mangroves and deadly tides – Captain Marvel herself takes on a weekend with Bear Grylls.
  • Stranger Than Nature: The Montauk Alien
  • Stranger Than Nature: Flood of Fish
    Hundreds of silver fish rain down on a remote outback community in Australia. Some residents swear they fell from the sky, others believe they came up from under the ground in a storm. Could a tornado or a flash flood have strewn the fish across town?
  • Stranger Than Nature: Invisible Enemy
    In Orewa Beach, New Zealand, summer swimmers are suddenly attacked by an invisible enemy. They rush out of the water with a stinging, blistering rash. Marine scientists and doctors are baffled. What could be causing such a violent reaction?
  • Stranger Than Nature: Shark Bite Beach
    Great White Shark attacks targeting surfers, kayakers, and swimmers are ticking up in frequency all over the world. What could be causing this deep-sea predator to turn its sights - and its deadly bite - on humans?
  • Stranger Than Nature: Fight Or Flight
    In Minnesota, blue herons are fleeing their nests in droves. Locals - who have made the bird their town logo - are devastated. What could be scaring these birds away?
  • Stranger Than Nature: Crocodile Wipeout
    Large numbers of freshwater crocodiles are turning up dead in the Victoria River district in Australia's Northern Territory. The mystery draws an investigator all the way from Sydney to look into what could be killing these crocodiles.
  • Stranger Than Nature: The Elk Files
    Big, strong elk are dropping down dead or are left parlayzed in the wild Wyoming countryside by the hundreds. The only clue in this distressing mystery is orange blobs of urine on the ground. Could the strange color of the urine point to the cause of the elks' death and illness?