World's Deadliest examines the most riveting moments of animal predation. Comparing behavioural skills of fighting, survival on land versus water, learned/intuitive hunting skills, and 'most deadly' animals, these four action-packed episodes break down the struggle for survival and supremacy.


  • World's Deadliest: Little Killers
    Miniscule menaces with the ability to take down prey several times their own size, from stoats and Asiatic wild dogs to the blue-ringed octopus.
  • World's Deadliest: Die Hard
    In the animal kingdom, the law is always eat or be eaten. But some sophisticated predators take down prey in brutal and terrifying ways.
  • World's Deadliest: More 7 Deadliest Sins
    Ravenous vampire bats, gluttonous tiger sharks and seductive elephant seals are not only a few of the world's deadliest animals, they're also guilty of making the sea and sky some of the most sinful places on Earth. World's Deadliest searches the animal kingdom to find creatures whose beastly behavior embodies one of the seven deadly sins. See how the species on our list fare when put up against greed, lust, wrath, sloth, gluttony, pride and envy.
  • World's Deadliest: Killers of The Deep
    The ocean is a predator's paradise. In waters bustling with life, creatures develop sophisticated skills and weaponry to survive and thrive. From coastal reef assassins to goliaths of the deep, these hunters deal out a one-way ticket to Davy Jones' locker.
  • World's Deadliest: Fangs
    Wrangling snakes is more art than science, and the stakes are high. Get ready to go hand-to-scale and face-to-fang with cold-blooded killers.
  • World's Deadliest: Night Stalkers
    Deadly nocturnal predators watch and wait, using night vision and hypersensitive hearing to ambush prey.
  • World's Deadliest: Animal Rampage
    A look at the animal dangers of some of the world's deadliest places.
  • World's Deadliest: Dangerous Games
    On the savannah in Africa, every day is a battle. Predators and prey fight to keep their bloodline going, facing danger from everywhere.
  • World's Deadliest: Underwater Killers
    A look at the jaws, poison and powers of the nightmarish creatures lurking in the world's seas.
  • World's Deadliest: In Cold Blood
    When your blood runs cold, you will do anything to get your prey. Eat your own kind, brutal surprise attacks, poisonous bites- you have to have ice in your veins to kill this viciously.
  • World's Deadliest: Killer Little Killers
    Miniscule menaces with the ability to take down prey several times their own size, from stoats and Asiatic wild dogs to the blue-ringed octopus.
  • World's Deadliest: Eight Legged Killers
    Some you see and some you don't, but they all have eight legs and bulging eyeballs. This is a nightmare of the arachnid kind.
  • World's Deadliest: Speed Kills
    The cheetah, the stargazer fish that swallows prey in a tenth of a second and the venomous black mamba are among nature's quickest killers.
  • World's Deadliest: Hunger Games
    Predators with enormous appetites, including the Burmese python, the tiger shark gobbling up schools of sardines, and the man-eating Tsavo lion.
  • World's Deadliest: War of The Carnivores
  • World's Deadliest: 7 Deadliest Sins
    Meet the most wrathful, prideful, gluttonous, lustful, greedy, slothful and envious members of the animal kingdom. Gluttonous ornate horned frogs will eat anything in their path -- even their own kind -- before ultimately choking to death. And hell hath no fury like a wrathful hippo whose territory has just been encroached. These docile-looking animals turn into powerful jaws of death if disturbed -- they can even snap a crocodile in half in one bite.
  • World's Deadliest: Rivers of Death
  • World's Deadliest: Ice Cold Killers
  • World's Deadliest: Africa's Deadliest - Killer Tactics
    Travel to the deepest, darkest depths of Africa and see how the deadliest predators use different techniques to kill their prey. Lions use an organized ambush tactic, fanning lionesses out behind the prey and stalking it into position for a faster lion to attack. A vine snake's brilliant, barklike camouflage and uncanny ability to hold the length of its body horizontal and move like a branch in the wind make it a deadly predator
  • World's Deadliest: Built For The Kill - Killer Whale
    Smart, sophisticated and social, the killer whale has the speed and strength to attack the legendary great white shark, the largest predatory fish on Earth.
  • World's Deadliest: Built For The Kill - Wolf
    The big bad wolf is 50 kilograms of muscle and teeth, but its born blind, deaf and weighing just 500 grams. Witness the transformation of a helpless pup into an accomplished killer.
  • World's Deadliest: Hippo Vs Croc
    Two of Africa's deadliest gladiators -- hippos and crocs -- have lived beside one another for millennia, but are they gracious pals or archenemies? One is a hefty herbivore with razor-sharp tusks capable of slicing a human in half. The other is the most successful freshwater predator on the planet with the strongest bite force known to man. The game is on, and this lush environment is about to spiral into a hotbed of feast and famine. Who will be the ultimate victor?
  • World's Deadliest: Built For The Kill - Hyena
    The hyena, much maligned and misunderstood, is no slobbering scavenger. It's a calculating killer: as smart as a primate, as lethal as a lion.
  • World's Deadliest: Micro Killers
    The animal kingdom is full of cute little critters but these tiny terrors are the stuff of nightmares!
  • World's Deadliest: Africa's Deadliest - Predator Swarm
    A look at how animals from dolphins and sharks to dogs and buffalo collaborate to take down prey.
  • World's Deadliest: Secret Life Of Predators - Wet
    In our planet's liquid space, predators of all shapes and sizes face many obstacles to success and survival.
  • World's Deadliest: Secret Life Of Predators - Naked
    Predators that inhabit open spaces must hide in plain sight in order to thrive – or, like banded mongooses, rely on strength in numbers.
  • World's Deadliest: Secret Life Of Predators - Stealth
    Forest predators must cope with a world in which food and rivals may come from behind, below or above.
  • World's Deadliest: Built For The Kill - Grizzly Bear
    Grizzly bears are almost 500 kilograms of muscle, teeth, and claw. Grizzly cubs are less than a kilogram of blind, toothless, fluff. Witness the transformation from puny to predator.
  • World's Deadliest: Fangs of Fury
    Fanged and fierce predators with a mean set of jaws are on the hunt.
  • World's Deadliest: Tropic Thunder
    In the tropics all over the world, there are deadly hunters lurking everywhere.
  • World's Deadliest: Kings of The North
    There is no safe place to hide from these dangerous animals.
  • World's Deadliest: Shark Frenzy!