• Airport Security: Brazil show

      Airport Security: Brazil

      São Paolo International Airport, Guarulhos, Brazil, South America’s busiest. Here, Federal Police work 24-7, to stop...

    • Undercover Operation show

      Undercover Operation

      In this episode, the anti-drug police must discover what is hidden by two women who try to leave the country with suspicious...

    • Triple Trafficker Takedown show

      Triple Trafficker Takedown

      The intelligence team of the Federal Police has detected two passengers who could be traveling with drugs, but thanks to the...

    • Cocaine Brick Bust show

      Cocaine Brick Bust

      In this episode, the anti-drug police manages to circumvent the shipment of more than 35 kilos of cocaine bound for the...

    • Smuggling Newlyweds show

      Smuggling Newlyweds

      Newlyweds are caught smuggling cocaine on their bodies. A nervous woman has cocaine wrapped around her legs. And, a designer...