Now, in a landmark two-hour mini-series, the secrets of the animal world will be revealed as Animal Impact presents an incredible and revolutionary look at the bioengineering that make these amazing feats possible. Using the latest and never-before seen imaging technologies, computer graphics and advanced medical diagnostics, Moment of Impact will show the natural world as its never been seen before  giving viewers a totally new perspective on creatures big and small, both common and exotic and inside and out. In infinitesimal detail well dissect these singular moments to see exactly what is happening, why it happens and how natures engineering allows it to happen.


  • Animal Impact: Jungles
    We peel back the jungle layers to dissect amazing moments of impact. Cutting edge HD cameras dive underwater, fly through trees & animation penetrates fur, skin & bone to reveal the animal science.
  • Animal Impact: Savannah
    In grasslands around the world, we go under the microscope to reveal the bio-mechanics and astonishing abilities that allow animals to survive.