A group of veteran storm chasers have assembled the ultimate first-responder team for the rescue of trapped and injured family pets during natural disasters.

These are the stories of a unique group of individuals – assembled from top storm chasers, meteorologists, firefighters, EMTs, and veterinary assistants. 

In a small fleet of specially prepared rescue vehicles, they chase natural disasters and mega-storms head-on in the hope of being on the ground first to save our beloved family pets and return them to their owners – even in the midst of widespread destruction.


  • Animal Storm Squad: Flash Flood
    The team race against time to save animals when a series of storms cause the Blanco River to flood and devastate homes in San Marcos, Texas.
  • Animal Storm Squad: California Burning
    As a devastating wildfire scorches the countryside, the team coordinates with local officials to rescue as many animals as possible.
  • Animal Storm Squad: State Of Emergency
    South Carolina is in a state of emergency. Weeks of heavy rain has swollen river banks and turned the entire state into a swampy nightmare.
  • Animal Storm Squad: Trial By Fire
    The team battle dangerous conditions and poor air quality to rescue lost and displaced animals after a fire in central Washington state.
  • Animal Storm Squad: Texas Twister
    After a powerful tornado rips through Van, Texas, the team aims to save an injured horse and reunite families with their furry loved ones.