Manu Feildel is passionate about many things in his life. His family, his adopted home of Australia, his French origins, and the thing that is on his mind 24/7, FOOD. 

For many years Manu has dreamed of travelling the route of Jules Vern's "Around the World in 80 Days" novel, experiencing it through his food obsessed eyes. So after a challenge by his agent, who has heard him talk about his dream for many years, a wager is made, that Manu will travel all the countries in Jules Vern's famous novel on $20K (that's Australian dollars), and in 30 days. He can wash dishes, cook meals, even busk to top up his kitty, but he CANNOT take money or free travel. 

The challenge is on, can he do what Phileas Fog achieved back in 1872? After a lot of research and training, Manu departs for his first destination; London. This is real time, no cushy green rooms or business class airfares, just Manu,...
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