Pat Spain, young wildlife scientist follows the tradition of scouting the bizarre.  Swamp monsters in the Congo?  Sea serpents on Vancouver Island?  Mongolian death worms?  Spain brings the latest technology to the field and enthusiastically immerses himself among the people and cultures to distinguish fact from fiction.  Take a wild ride to track down the creatures that could be an unbelievable tale … or could be proven to exist.


  • Beast Man: African Swamp Monster
    Biologist Pat Spain enters the Cameroon jungle to investigate the myth of the 'mokele-mbembe': a strange, underwater animal of huge proportions.
  • Beast Man: Sea Monster
    Pat travels to Vancouver Island in an attempt to get to the truth behind reported sightings of a sea serpent known as Caddy.
  • Beast Man: Mongolian Death Worm
    Nomads who traverse the Gobi Desert claim to have come across a fearsome mega-worm with unique powers. But is it real? Pat Spain investigates.
  • Beast Man: Ape Man Of Sumatra
    Pat travels to Sumatra to hunt out the 'Orang Pendek', a mysterious half-ape, half-human creature that locals have reported seeing.
  • Beast Man: Amazon Nightmare
    Pat Spain travels to the Brazilian Amazon in search of the mythical mapinguari, a fearsome beast said to have one eye and a mouth in its stomach!