Kicks off its 12th Big Cat Week in Winter 2023. Recognizing how big cats are continuing to face big challenges, Nat Geo Wild's Big Cat Week sheds light on the issues that could trigger many species' extinction.


  • Big Cat Special: Big Cat Games
    THE BIG CAT GAMES is a high-end, high-profile television event that pits the world's most ferocious land predators against each other in a series of challenges that will push them to the limits of their athletic abilities. Lions, cheetahs and tigers are the heavyweight hunters of the natural world and run, leap and stalk on a daily basis. But who's the reigning king of the wild? THE BIG CAT GAMES finds out once and for all.
  • Big Cat Special: Vanishing King: Desert Lions Of Namib
    Five young lions set out to establish their own kingdom in the unforgiving Namib Desert: a place fraught with constant danger and where food and water are incredibly scarce.
  • Big Cat Special: Deadly Super Cat: Super Cat
    In this exciting quest to create a single "SuperCat" some of the planet's most impressive predators are put to the test. Experts embark on a journey through the natural history of wild cats, big and small, to discover which species is the best climber, the highest jumper, the fastest runner. Which cat has the best night vision, the longest canines, the loudest roar? And what happens if you combine the speed of the cheetah with the strength of a tiger? With the help of three of the world's leading experts, we find out, selecting the characteristics of only the most accomplished wild cats and combining them to create a single Super Cat that puts all other kitties to shame. Extraordinary CGI modeling brings this amazing creature to life. But could this formidable feline ever really exist?
  • Big Cat Special: Top Cats
    From a cheetah's sprint to the struggles of a jaguar and caiman, share intimate moments in the private lives of cats.
  • Big Cat Special: Tiger's Revenge
    Tiger's Revenge is the story of two tiger sisters: Sundari, powerful but unable to become pregnant for more than two years and her sister Krishnaa, with a litter of three healthy cubs. They live in Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, India, where a magnificent ancient fort once ruled by the maharajas of Rajasthan is the backdrop to their rivalry. The result is secret alliances, battle wounds, and a mysterious disappearance.
  • Big Cat Special: Lion Battle Zone
    Five lion prides in Africa compete for scare food and each have adopted their own style of hunting. Only the most cunning and capable will survive.
  • Big Cat Special: Killer Cats
    A child is snatched from a slum in Bombay. A hiker is attacked on a California bike path. The big cats are now entering heavily populated areas to hunt. And more and more often - their prey is human.
  • Big Cat Special: Super Cat
    This programme takes you inside the world's biggest cats to unlock the secrets of these maximum predators. These four-legged beasts are capable of taking down elephants and even human beings.
  • Big Cat Special: Betty White Goes Wild
    Betty White might have been in show business for over 70 years now, but her love of animals, as she says, "goes back to the womb." As spokeswoman for National Geographic's "Cause an Uproar" big cat initiative Miss White has already expressed her deep love of the planet's greatest felines. And now she's on a mission - shes not only going to tell us why she loves big cats so much, but she’s also going to get us to love them just as much as she does. In Betty White Goes Wild! The Emmy Award winner takes us on a personal, intimate journey with extraordinary, unique access - to not one, not two, but three of America's top zoos and safari parks. Sharing her special VIP backstage pass Betty White takes the audience on an irreverent tour of everything big cat.
  • Big Cat Special: Lion Ranger- Episode 1
  • Big Cat Special: Timbavati: Epic Cat Story- Episode 1
  • Big Cat Special: Swamp Lions
  • Big Cat Special: Superpride
    In Tanzania's Serengeti National Park, one pride has 22 lions in all: they are a Superpride. Few lion prides reach superpride status.
  • Big Cat Special: Saved By Lioness
  • Big Cat Special: I, Predator- Lion
    Lion versus buffalo...a classic predator and prey match up like it's never been seen before; from the inside out; all through the eyes...of iPredato.
  • Big Cat Special: I, Predator- Cheetah
    Cheetah, the fastest animal on the planet, has had the antelope in its sights but needed to develop more weapons than just her speed.
  • Big Cat Special: Night Of The Lion
    Through the use of specially developed Starlight and Thermal cameras, this ground-breaking film reveals the truth about lion hunting behaviour - at night.
  • Big Cat Special: Phantom Cat
  • Big Cat Special: Attack Of The Big Cats
  • Big Cat Special: Snow Leopard Of Afghanistan
  • Big Cat Special: Cheetah: Fatal Instinct
  • Big Cat Special: Lion Ranger - Episode 1
  • Big Cat Special: Botswana: Battle for the Pride
    In Battle for the Pride, follow a pride in Botswana — home to some of the largest male lions on the planet — as they fight for survival. The pride is a dangerous place to grow up and the lion cubs start their life vulnerable and weak, with threats from all sides. As few as one in five cubs live to 2 years old and it takes them years to develop the abilities needed to become an apex predator. Watch as the cubs learn from their family, mastering the expert skills needed to stay on top and practising their killer tactics on prey. Within a couple of years, the aspiring young male lions will need to fend for themselves and find a pride of their own. Find out who will become a lion king.
  • Big Cat Special: Pride: Rulers At Risk - Episode 1
  • Big Cat Special: Soul of the Cat
    We look at behaviors between domestic cats and their wild cousins and ancestors to draw the parallels and explain cat’s wild behavior.
  • Big Cat Special: Storm Cats
    In a place where rain is rare, violent and short-lived, the big cats deem threats as opportunities and hunt to survive.
  • Big Cat Special: Tiger On The Run
    India is home to over 40 tiger reserves and our story begins in the heart of tiger country. In this coming of age tale, we will follow the journey of Kumal, a young male tiger who has been banished from his father’s territory by Khan, a vagrant male. Kumal is on the run and must now find a territory and mate of his own to continue his legacy. But due to man’s need for resources overwhelming land in central India, time and space for Kumal is running out. Threatened by local villagers who mistake him for Khan, Kumal is chased out of their village with raging flames. Over a thousand cattle and buffalo are lost to tiger attacks each year along the edges of the reserves and the villagers have had enough. Having never been on his own before, Kumal’s survival is hampered by his inexperience and poor hunting skills. However, he finally reaches an oasis in the forest where we come face to face with Latika, a female tiger and the key to Kumal’s future. Despite the difficult journey, witness Kumal’s transformation from a cub into a confident adult.
  • Big Cat Special: Ultimate Rivals: Cat V. Dog
    Cats and dogs—they’ve figured out how to live in harmony but in the wild, it’s a different story. Throw the hyena into the mix and they’re all nightmare neighbours…stealing from each other; harassing each other; eating each other’s young.
  • Big Cat Special: Return of the Lion
    No one has heard the roar of a lion in the Rwandan wilderness for 15 years, but that’s about to change. Later this year, lions will be introduced into Akagera National Park, but it’s a tough task adapting to this part of central Africa.
  • Big Cat Special: The Lakeshore Killers
    As these three lions come into their prime, they have much to prove. Follow them as they navigate the perils of the wilderness to become pride leaders and rulers of the Zambezi Valley.
  • Big Cat Special: Lion Ranger- Episode 2
  • Big Cat Special: Timbavati: Epic Cat Story- Episode 2
  • Big Cat Special: Pride: Rulers At Risk - Episode 2
  • Big Cat Special: Lion Ranger- Episode 3
  • Big Cat Special: Timbavati: Epic Cat Story- Episode 3



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    Kicks off its 12th Big Cat Week in Winter 2023. Recognizing how big cats are continuing to face...

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