• Breakthrough show


      BREAKTHROUGH is a revolutionary new series about scientific explorers from leading universities and institutions and how their...

    • Addiction: A Psychedelic Cure? show

      Addiction: A Psychedelic Cure?

      Renegade researchers are fighting the medical establishment by exploring a controversial cure for our vices: psychedelic drugs.

    • Curing Cancer show

      Curing Cancer

      Using T cells taken from cancer patients and deactivated HIV virus, maverick doctors have created a stunning new therapy for a...

    • Cyber Terror show

      Cyber Terror

      Inside the hidden world of hackers: “White-hat” hackers stage a risky raid on a bank; a “black-hat” ISIS recruiter...

    • Predicting The Future show

      Predicting The Future

      By finding hidden patterns in big data, computers powered by a new form of artificial intelligence can predict the future with...

    • Game Of Drones show

      Game Of Drones

      The military and defense industry are looking for ways to defend against a mass drone attack, and they’ll learn how at the...

    • Power To The People show

      Power To The People

      The world’s electric grids are aging and vulnerable. Now, engineers are making a dangerous trek to prove there is a better...