Filmed over 2 years – from foundations to opening party - this is the amazing story of the total transformation of an abandoned, industrial island into a luxury destination. Battling against isolation, extreme weather and a punishing schedule the teams building paradise must work night and day to deliver this incredibly ambitious project on time.


  • Building Paradise Island: Marine Reboot
    An ambitious plan is established to revive the seas around Ocean Cay as the island's new owners attempt to obtain a coveted Marine Reserve status. Coral is transplanted to a new nursery from at areas at risk and a huge survey of the environment around the island is conducted with some surprising discoveries made?
  • Building Paradise Island: Race To The Finish
    The project to build Paradise Island is over budget and running out of time. Can this immensely ambitious programme of works be completed in time to welcome 5000 guests, who are expecting perfection? As opening day approaches there is still much to be done - the island supplied, staff trained and buildings finished?the clock is ticking.
  • Building Paradise Island: The Deepest Clean
    An island is purchased, a plan for building paradise made, and the date to open to the public set. But with two gigantic lagoons to excavate and the infrastructure needed to allow the cruise ships to dock, can it be done in time? Before the build can even begin 50 years of industrial waste needs to be cleared away and to prevent erosion, the outline of the island must be reinforced with rock.