Since its foundation in 2009, the KING ABDULLAH UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (KAUST) has focused on research that applies science and technology to problems of human need, social advancement and environmental sustainability. 
Quickly it has become one of the fastest rising universities for high-quality research output. Hundreds of scientists from all over the world are carrying out research to find answers and solutions that would improve our future and our environment. 
From finding new and reliable energy sources to find out what lies beneath the surface and how to maintain a healthy marine life, their the common aim is to offer a brighter future to us and the generations to come. In our four-part documentary series, we will delve into the research being carried out at KAUST by focusing on three key areas of concern not just for the university, but for the world We will also look at the positive impact of a few KAUST success stories.


  • Chasing Answers: Powering The Future - Episode 1
    An elite group of scientists from around the globe look for answers to the world’s most urgent demands. In this science and technology focused series, scientists tackle energy solutions and climate change. Prof. Derya Baran, Prof. Mani Sarathy, Prof. Mohammed Eddaoudi and their teams spend sleepless hours achieving the almost impossible. From capturing CO2 from air to near invisible solar cells, scientists surprise us with their ground-breaking discoveries. Lead by KAUST President Tony Chan, these passionate scientists look for alternative solutions to help humanity. This is all happening in a unique location…on the shores of the Red Sea.
  • Chasing Answers: Red Sea Explored - Episode 2
    Our oceans are not just beautiful sources of entertainment and recreation, but they help regulate the climate, are an important source of food and homes to diverse marine life. The dedicated scientists at KAUST work tirelessly to not only preserve marine life but to find solutions to climate change and human intrusion. They have moved their research out of the laboratory and into the Red Sea. Prof. Manuel Aranda is working to master coral spawning and Prof. Boon Ooi works day and night to create an underwater internet faster than WIFI. Too good to be true? Take a dive into this episode and find out how KAUST professors are making waves in the field of marine science and technology.
  • Chasing Answers: (Feeding) The 10 Billion Challenge - Episode 3
    As the world’s population increases so does the demand for food and water supplies. But feeding the 10 billion is not just about growing more produce but finding innovative technologies to achieve this sustainably for the future of our planet. KAUST Vice president of research Donal Bradley, asks the ever-daunting question of how to feed the worlds growing population. Prof. Mark Tester, Ryan Lefers and Prof. Peiying Hong work endlessly to answer that question. From irrigation with salt water to breakthroughs in plant genetics let’s find out what makes these scientists hungry for solutions.
  • Chasing Answers: We Are Doers - Episode 4
    Scientists are sometimes put under a lot of pressure to deliver solutions. The professors and students at KAUST accept this because they know pressure is the only way to make a diamond. While the Red Sea continues to be an outdoor laboratory for Prof. Zhiping Lai where he mines for Lithium, to power the future, Prof Xiaohang Li looks for ways to sove the worlds chip shortage. Throughout this series we have seen groundbreaking work from scientists. But they don’t stop there. With Prof. Jurgen heading the Artificial Intelligence Initiative at KAUST, he uses futuristic technology to help archeologists uncover our past. One startup at KAUST aims to send its invention to Mars! Now that’s out of this world.



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    Since its foundation in 2009, the KING ABDULLAH UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (KAUST) has...

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