Underwater photographer Tony White is a very lucky man. He's lucky to be doing a creative job that takes him all around the world, and he's fortunate to be alive. Every year South Africa's East Coast comes alive as vast shoals of sardines draw in predators from sea and air. Tony was bitten by a copper shark whilst attempting to photograph this stunning natural phenomenon. Although he has recovered physically, the accident robbed him of the confidence he needed to continue his career. In this film we journey with him as he returns to the Sardine Run. Tony's aim is to heal his psychological wounds by getting back in the water - if he can. Will he be able to fulfill his wish to dive and to photograph the predators he loves, but that nearly cost him his life?


  • Cheating Death: Storm Shooter
  • Cheating Death: Tuna Cowboys
    Join the toughest muster in the world, when fearless tuna cowboys take on the perils of the deadly Southern Ocean and its sharks to round up their precious stock.

    Nick Pluker has one of the most dangerous jobs in the world; he is a wild sea-going cowboy who each year heads out into the perilous Southern Ocean to round up his herd - Southern bluefin tuna. The challenge is to muster the fish, defend the lucrative catch from sharks - eager for a taste of the valuable stock - and return safely to the tuna farm on the coast with every single fish alive and unscathed. For the first time ever the drama of one of these treacherous musters is captured on camera. Tuna Cowboys ventures 250 miles out to sea to witness the action-packed muster and the fearless wrangles as the cowboys take on the sharks while slowly making their way home.
  • Cheating Death: World's Fastest Roller Coaster
  • Cheating Death: Firefighters
    When a tank fire rages out of control and even veteran firefighters won't dare go near it, the authorities call in Dwight Williams and his family. This gutsy team of Texans come face to face with one of the biggest, hottest and most dangerous tank fires in the world.

    Flammable-liquid tank fires are some of the most dangerous in the world… Texan Dwight Williams and his team of expert fire-fighters do what has never been done before, extinguish the raging sea of fire on a jumbo 270-meter storage tank. Meet the man, his team and his family of firefighters who willingly put their lives on the line to take down these treacherous fire breathing dragons.
  • Cheating Death: Race Car Drivers
    Driving a racecar is one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet. Expect at least one death every year and spectacular crashes at any race. Yet the sport of auto racing is as popular as it is dangerous. Major auto races draw larger crowds than the Super Bowl, the World Series and the NBA finals combined. Racecar drivers are the gladiators of today. This one-hour documentary takes a close look at the challenge-driven individuals who take on this job. Why do they do it and who are the people behind the scenes, supporting them in this line of work? It's a career where the passion of the drivers feeds off that of the crowds, and has allure as potent as the powerful, earthshaking roar of the engines.
  • Cheating Death: Bull Riding
    Some call it the most dangerous eight seconds in sports. So, hold on to your hat, because youre in for the ride of your life! - On BULL RIDERS.