Much like the saltwater crocodile in Australia, the American crocodile population in Florida is making a comeback. In 1975, the American crocodile and the saltwater crocodile were placed on the endangered species list in Florida due to overhunting and habitat destruction. The American crocodile population in Florida was down to around 200 and in the 30 years since then has grown to over 2,000. Biologists Mark Parry and Joe Wasilewski have been working tirelessly to help the populations in Florida rebound from near extinction. Paleontologist Greg Erickson joins Mark Parry as he explains how he’s helped this species repopulate in Everglades National Park and Joe Wasilewski shows us how an unlikely source of habitat has been a savior for these crocodiles. The saltwater crocodile in Northern Territory, Australia has made an even more remarkable comeback than its cousin in the Western...
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