Comprised entirely of re-mastered and colorized archive footage from WW2, much of it never before seen, “D-Day Sacrifice” recounts the story of D-Day through the testimonies of those who lived it. These important historical days are seen through the eyes of French civilians and members of the military fighting on both sides. The testimonies of famous individuals like Dwight D. Eisenhower and Erwin Rommel are intertwined with those of anonymous soldiers and citizens, such as film director Samuel Fuller and Eisenhower’s chauffeur, Kay Summersby. From the preparations for D-Day all the way through to the liberation of Paris, the accounts of these men and women provide a moving and invaluable retelling of this pivotal time in history.


  • D- Day Sacrifice: The Landings
    As World War II continues, tension is at its peak as the biggest invasion fleet in history attempts to free Europe from Nazi Germany.
  • D- Day Sacrifice: Battle Of Normandy
    Hopes are revived as the Allies are occupying French ground, although the advance through Normandy is slower and more difficult than expected.