• Dictators Rulebook show

      Dictators Rulebook

      From Mussolini to Saddam Hussein, Dictators have shaped the world we live in. But how did they do it? What methods did they...

    • Benito Mussolini show

      Benito Mussolini

      A study of the methods used by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini to rise to power and turn Italy into the first fascist state....

    • Francisco Franco show

      Francisco Franco

      An exploration of the methods and tactics of Generalissimo Francisco Franco, who controlled Spain with absolute power for four...

    • Kim Il Sung show

      Kim Il Sung

      A look at the methods used by Kim il Sung to transform North Korea into the most controlled society on Earth. After taking...

    • Idi Amin show

      Idi Amin

      A look at the techniques used by Idi Amin to rise from humble beginnings and build a powerful dictatorship in Uganda. Amin...

    • Manuel Noriega show

      Manuel Noriega

      A study of the methods used by Manuel Noriega to rise from poverty to become dictator of Panama for six tumultuous years in...