• Disappeared: The Search For Cody Dial show

      Disappeared: The Search For Cody Dial

      In July of 2014 Cody Roman Dial Jr., the son of legendary explorer, Roman Dial Sr., vanished trying to complete a solo trek in...

    • Vanished show


      Finding no evidence of his son Cody Dial after he goes missing in the jungles of Costa Rica, Roman Dial begins a new search to...

    • Prime Suspect show

      Prime Suspect

      After Cody Dial’s backpack turns up, confirming that he made it out of the jungle alive, investigators search for clues in town.

    • The Interrogation show

      The Interrogation

      Ken and Carson must interrogate Pata de Lora to determine whether he’s the prime suspect or the prime witness.

    • Into The Jungle show

      Into The Jungle

      In order to find out what happened to Cody Dial, Ken follows Pata de Lora, the last person to see Cody alive, into the jungle...

    • A Father's Plea show

      A Father's Plea

      After hitting a snag in the investigation, Ken and Carson must convince Pata de Lora to make a statement to the Costa Rican...

    • The Confrontation show

      The Confrontation

      In the explosive finale, the investigation comes to a head when Pata de Lora must confront those he accused of killing Cody...