Dive Detectives is a six-part series that moves beyond the waves to dive into genuine mysteries of sunken vessels. Stories include war, crime, piracy, treasure, and archaeology: cold cases are re-opened, loved ones laid to rest, and goods both lost and stolen are rediscovered in dramatic, action-packed shows featuring real people and real life missions.

The first episode visits Saba, a tiny Caribbean island that harbours a mystery...a "ghost ship" which was discovered in 2006.  In order to unlock the ship's secrets, the Dive Detectives must brave the area's wild seas and conduct a challenging penetration dive into the heart of the vessel. As they piece together the leads they learn of an environmental crisis threatening the beauty and abundance of the Saba Bank.  Can they solve the mystery of the Ghost Ship and help protect the Bank itself?

In the summer of 1944, at the height of World War Two, a treacherous stretch of water in the Philippines claimed the lives of more than 150 American sailors when the U.S.S. Flier and the U.S.S. Robalo sank. Neither sub has been found. On a ship protected by armed Coast Guard officers, the Dive Detectives brave pirate- and shark-infested waters in a search for the missing subs. In Submarine Graveyard, what they discover ranks among the greatest finds of their careers.

The mysterious Mekong River in Laos is home to lethal rapids and a century-old missing gunboat full of precious cargo. Stolen Treasures shows the Dive Detectives search for the French vessel La Grandiere, which in 1910, removed Laotian Royal Treasures from the Palace in Luang Probang. These artefacts are believed to carry a deadly curse and while spiriting them away the ship sunk within the powerful currents of the Mekong.

On the night of November 10, 1975, the Great Lakes freighter Edmund Fitzgerald sailed into a fierce winter storm - and vanished. There were no witnesses and no survivors.  Through reconstruction and the latest technology, the Dive Detectives challenge the official U.S. Coast Guard findings to discover the truth of the Rogue Wave.

Later episodes includes WWII's Lost Bombs where the team search for pieces of non-deployed super-weapons, and Warship Wrecks, which goes back to 1813 to find out what caused two American warships to sink.


  • Dive Detectives: Submarine Graveyard
    The Dive Detectives brave pirate and shark infested waters to try and locate the missing subs of WWII and find out why they sunk.
  • Dive Detectives: Lost A-Bombs
    The Dive Detectives scour the jungle and ocean in their search for the remnants of the atomic bombs dumped in the waters after the World War.
  • Dive Detectives: Rogue Wave
  • Dive Detectives: Warship Down
    The Fletchers penetrate the wrecks of the Hamilton and the Scourge to find out why they sank and why so many lives were lost.
  • Dive Detectives: Lost-A- Bombs
    The Dive Detectives scour the jungle and ocean in their search for the remnants of the atomic bombs dumped in the waters after the World War.
  • Dive Detectives: Rouge Wave
  • Dive Detectives: Ghost Ship
    Tales of GHOST SHIPS, ghastly and cursed, have intrigued and haunted us for centuries. From phantom ships manned by the souls of the damned to the Queen Mary, an ocean liner that echoes at night with the moans of dead sailors and the Mary Celeste, a ship whose crew vanished into thin air. It seems there's more supernatural activity on the open ocean than in all the graveyards in the world. Could these legends be real? Can they be explained away by science and logic or is there something unexplainable going on?
  • Dive Detectives: River Buddha
    The Dive Detectives search for a French vessel which removed Laotian national treasures from Louangphrabang, the Laotian center of Buddhism.