For the past ten years Diego Buñuel has been a foreign correspondent for French Television covering all kinds of countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, or the Congo.
Every time he left for one of his stories, he would tell his production crew in the Paris office, “Don’t tell my mother I am in Colombia, it makes her really nervous.”
After a few years of traveling repeatedly, Diego realized that the international news coverage, of which he was part of, only focused on the worst headlines possible.
So Diego embarked on a rather unusual effort; to talk about countries that make headlines, but instead on focusing on the same three basic stories, he extended the reach of his eye to look at a more subtle vision of these countries, full of culture, people, interests that rise high above the daily news reports.


  • Don't Tell My Mother: Russia
    Russia, is the land of Vodka, spies, Kalishnikovs, and bitter winters, or so the the stereotype goes. But this massive country spanning nine time zones can not be defined so easily. Since the end of the cold war, this country, the biggest in the world has gone through some really big changes. Bread lines and gulags have given way to traffic jams of luxury cars and shopping malls... the struggle to survive has been replaced by the desire to thrive. And in this new era, Russians have found some very unique and at times bizarre ways to make their way in the Motherland. In "Don't Tell My Mother I am In Russia," Diego will fly through ferocious forest fires, meet some gun-slinging school girls, and explore the steppes astride a camel as he takes you takes you on a wild ride from the materialistic riches of Moscow all the way to the silent spiritualism of Siberia. It is a an adventure not to be missed.
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Indonesia
    Boasting Bali's white sand beaches, Java's lush rainforest, and a rich cultural history throughout the islands, Indonesia has become a coveted destination for tourists from around the world. But behind the picture perfect postcard, Indonesia is a fascinating country of extremes. Is it a moderate democracy or a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism? A natural paradise or a man-made environmental disaster? In his show "Don't tell my mother I am in Indonesia," Diego Bunuel travels across the world's biggest archipelagic nation to find answers and along the way feels the heat from an angry and active volcano, helps save some furry friends and tastes the world's most expensive coffee. Its an adventure you don't want to miss.
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Somalia
    Piracy, lawlessness, Islamic extremism.... all reasons that Somalia has made the front pages of newspapers around the world. The African country now has fairly won the title of the "World's Most Failed State." There has been no central government since 1991. This power vacuum has allowed Islamic Militias to take over the streets and pirates to take over the seas. In "Don't Tell My Mother I Am In Somalia" Diego returns to his roots as a war reporter to take on a region that very few journalists have the opportunity or the desire to explore. Strapped tightly into his flak jacket, Diego comes under some heavy fire and learns about the impossible obstacles somali's face everyday. But to his surprise he also has a few laughs and finds some hidden treasures along the way.
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Kazakhstan
    Recovering from Islamic extremism and the ravages of Soviet rule, Diego’s journey to Kazakhstan uncovers a country of hope with its eyes firmly on the future.
  • Don't Tell My Mother: The Wild West