‘Building fish mansions not fish bowls’ is their mantra and this sensational series shows why. 

Follow the best in the aquarium industry as they battle against piscatorial peril to create the most extreme fish tanks and fill them with exotic species from around the world.

Taking on the most mammoth of missions, no job is too big for the Fish Tank Kings. 

Under intense pressure, they work tirelessly to pull it off in time for the grand opening. 

But will they complete their watery projects in time?


  • Fish Tank Kings: Pimp My Tank
    Mat meets up with Allan Marshall who runs biological operations at the Florida Aquarium and has to build a 3000-gallon aquarium in just three weeks!
  • Fish Tank Kings: Card Sharks
    Mat gets a call from a client in Sin City with a tank that has aged prematurely and after only four years is due for a major aquatic overhaul down to needing new fish.
  • Fish Tank Kings: Finsanity
    Francis save a giant Pacific octopus suffering from harmful chemicals that have leeched into its water from a poorly-constructed rock feature.
  • Fish Tank Kings: 7th Innings Catch
  • Fish Tank Kings: 7th Inning Catch
    Mat is beside himself with excitement at the possibility of creating fish tanks for the home plate backstop of the brand new Miami Marlins baseball stadium!
  • Fish Tank Kings: Extreme Tankover
    The Living Color team has to meet with the head of biology for the Rainforest Café to build a tank that could award more business.
  • Fish Tank Kings: Fish Upon A Star
    Ben and Francis head out to meet up with Max, who is looking for wants one three to four times the size of his current aquarium.