This time, It's out of prison, and into jail. We visit Vegas, one of the most notorious cities in America, and follow the stories of tourists, residents, and law enforcement officers. Vegas is a city of seduction and enchantment, but we learn the hard way that if you fly too close to the son, you're going to get burned.


  • Hard Time: Locked Up: Addicted In Vegas
    Two regular inmates at the Clark County Detention Center in Vegas are struggling with addiction. Both are desperate for a second chance and will face the tests of Sin City to see if they can change their habits. Can they finally break the cycle of addiction - or will they wind up behind bars, again?
  • Hard Time: Locked Up: Get Me Out of Here
    For three inmates at the Clark County Detention Center, jail is a waiting game - a ticking clock that either leads to either to more prison or life back out on the streets. In Vegas, getting out of jail is sometimes the easy part. But staying out is a different story. With nothing but time, inmates are forced to choose whether to continue down the same path or change their ways.
  • Hard Time: Locked Up: Breaking The Cycle
    Whether you're a life-long hi-max convict or a new offender, you run the risk of repeating destructive behavior that got you locked up in the first place. Meet the willful inmates who break the cycle of violence and addiction against all odds. For every transformed prisoner there are dozens who resist change and end up back in the hole. Again.
  • Hard Time: Locked Up: Homeward Bound
  • Hard Time: Locked Up: Rule Breakers
    Prison is a constant battle between chaos and control. Holding that line is a team of highly skilled and experienced officers. Break the rules in prison, and the punishment is severe. That is, if you get caught. This is the world of rebellious inmates determined find ways to buck the system. Some get away with it. Most, despite their criminal expertise, suffer the consequences.
  • Hard Time: Locked Up: Las Vegas Lock-Up
    Las Vegas isn't called Sin City for nothing. Whether you're a visitor, a resident, or a recent transplant, the culture of sex, drugs and violence is hard to avoid. The county jail sees it all: from drunken screamers to gang bangers. It's a place where the party comes to an end, where the waiting tanks turn into detox centers, and vacationers suddenly find themselves prisoners. How they got there, and how they're dealt with, is the story of jail in Sin City.
  • Hard Time: Locked Up: Moms On Trial
    The Las Vegas county women's unit is not for the faint of heart. Two women, both mothers, are accused of murder and both refuse to confess. Instead they take a gamble on a trial. While they await their fate, they must contend with hostile prisoners in an infamous women's ward.
  • Hard Time: Locked Up: Breaking In
  • Hard Time: Locked Up: The Hustle
    Business is booming in prison. Whether a card shark, a fixit-man or drug dealer, there's a job for you. Follow three pro-hustlers operating in different sectors of the underground prison economy: the executive who provides illegal jobs; the robber who operates out of church, and the cellphone repairman with a razor soldering gun. Each has found his niche, and works hard to keep it by staying one step ahead of the prison guards.
  • Hard Time: Locked Up: Prison Changes You
    Changes behind bars are inevitable. Create a persona no one will mess with, try out a new gender, or completely transform the way you look. Change is about surviving and adapting to the prison ecosystem. We follow a sensitive Romeo who transforms into a tough guy, a war veteran who becomes a tattoo artist, and a lady who becomes the male heartthrob others have been seeking. When the inmates are released, how much of their identity will they take with them?