“I’m a Nat Geo photographer” is back and bigger than ever. Four semi-professional photographers from across the Arab world go head to head competing at high intensity challenges for the title of a National Geographer Photographer.


  • I am Natgeo Photographer: Episode 1
    Contestants get to play with studio light and then natural light to bring drama, creativity and storytelling to their photographs. Two actors from a well-known play called, Almost Maine, will play out four different acts for each contestant. The theme of the play is based on different emotions of love. Each contestant has to photograph one act which describes a certain emotional phase in a relationship.
  • I am Natgeo Photographer: Episode 2
    The four contests are given the task of photographing architecture at the infamous Dubai Design District, but there is a twist to this challenge. Each contestant was paired with a fashion model, dressed by the upcoming Arab designer, Faissal El Malak. The contestants are asked to incorporate the model into their architecture shot.
  • I am Natgeo Photographer: Episode 3
    In this episode, our young contestants are taken to TK MMA and Fitness gym, where they will meet Mohammad Yahya, a young, Emirati MMA champion. Their challenge: To shoot a sports photograph in 30 minutes capturing Mohammad Yahya training in the ring with coach Tam Khan.
  • I am Natgeo Photographer: Episode 4
    In the final episode, our contestants were defied with their biggest and most difficult challenge, the photo documentary. Each contestant was assigned to work with a group of people that define a certain subculture in the UAE. Each contestant had to spend 5 hours with one of the following groups: capoeira dancers, graffiti artists, skate boarder, and bikers. The contestants had to present the following images for the finale: cityscape, street scene with main characters, action, portrait, emotion & comfort zone with their subjects.