Incredibly Small World is an eye-opening new series which uncovers the extraordinary, surprising and often inspiring lives of people with dwarfism all across the globe.  

From hidden communities to outrageous individuals, these new shows reveal what it’s really like to be a little person in a big world, and learn that sometimes the biggest personalities come in the smallest packages.


  • Incredibly Small World: Episode 1
    In bull fighting bravado is everything. Colombian matadwarfs are determined to show they can compete in one of the world's most dangerous sports.
  • Incredibly Small World: Episode 2
    It's do or die for circus performer Wellington. He has to save the family circus business, but will he get the support he needs from his family?
  • Incredibly Small World: Episode 3
    With his determination tattooed on his body, Lewy Pierson works on crafting a special rifle to keep him active in the outside lifestyle he loves.
  • Incredibly Small World: Episode 4
    Yang Li looks to find her home in a theme park populated by dwarfs, while Brad Williams is looking to make a name for himself as a comedian.
  • Incredibly Small World: Episode 5
    Wrestler Dan will be facing a fighter twice his size to prove he has what it takes, while one family faces a life-changing decision in Brazil.
  • Incredibly Small World: Episode 6
    In Hollywood, three pituitary dwarf have forged successful movie careers working as stunt doubles for some of the biggest names in show-business.
  • Incredibly Small World: Episode 7
    Charlie "Too Tall" West is the world's smallest rodeo barrelman. He’s been entertaining the crowds and providing the last line of defence between a thrown cowboy and a furious half-ton bull.
  • Incredibly Small World: Episode 8
    The Johnston's are the largest known family of multi-racial dwarfs in the world – all seven family members have achondroplasia.