One of the oldest civilizations on the planet... ...will be the youngest country in the world by 2020. with an average age of 29 years. In the 2019, it will experience the largest democratic exercise in world history, where more than 850 million voters will form a government. This is the story of that nation. This is... INDIA FROM ABOVE.


  • India From Above: Episode 1
    Fly over the world’s largest religious gathering, dive into the festival of colors, explore traditional techniques of building wooden ships, run one of the world’s highest ultra-marathons, experience the world’s biggest election and discover the training of the Border Security Force’s Camel Contingent in an episode where the ancient and modern coexist. This is India From Above.
  • India From Above: Episode 2
    A journey through India’s fascinating natural wonders: the land of 40-million-year-old monsoons that nourish man and nature; the Thar desert, where women officers brave extreme weather to guard the nation; a floating civilization on a lake; the marble rocks of Bhedaghat; a crater lake; the white desert-supplier of the country’s salt; and a migration saved by a village. Experience India From Above.