Jake Willers is the man who will take you closer to these creepy crawlies than you would normally dare go. He’ll show you an unparalleled view of the workings of this micro-world but also give you an incredible insight into just what makes these creatures so fascinating and vital to our existence. He’ll dispel some of the legends that surround these mythical creatures, and replace them with mind-blowing facts and information that will turn your fear into awe, as you realize the true nature of these tiny beasts.

Jake looks at the armored beetles and bugs, with jaws and syringe-like mouthparts that eat their way through dung, dead wood and even each other, filling an essential recycling role in the world we live in.

He’ll show you just how misunderstood the spider is; the wonder of their webs and constructions, and how with spiders, size matters. And when you’re talking venom, it’s...

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