Jake Willers is the man who will take you closer to these creepy crawlies than you would normally dare go. He’ll show you an unparalleled view of the workings of this micro-world but also give you an incredible insight into just what makes these creatures so fascinating and vital to our existence. He’ll dispel some of the legends that surround these mythical creatures, and replace them with mind-blowing facts and information that will turn your fear into awe, as you realize the true nature of these tiny beasts.

Jake looks at the armored beetles and bugs, with jaws and syringe-like mouthparts that eat their way through dung, dead wood and even each other, filling an essential recycling role in the world we live in.

He’ll show you just how misunderstood the spider is; the wonder of their webs and constructions, and how with spiders, size matters. And when you’re talking venom, it’s usually the small ones you should fear!

He’ll dispel some of the myths associated with scorpions and their marine cousins, by diving right into their worlds, revealing some unexpected facts hidden deep within. Jake shows us some real alien invasions and the devastating consequences they can have, as well as one of the most successful insect invaders of all. He bares his flesh to parasites and investigates the amazing healing powers of insect larvae. He’ll look at the way insects are being used in both modern day and traditional medicine, as well as taking an intimate look at one of the biggest killers in the world!

Jake Willers is an animated and infectious personality, with a fearless attitude to the creatures he handles. He’s your own personal guide as he individually draws you into this captivating series, filmed across Africa and Europe, delving deep into our fears and fascinations - both in the wild and in our homes. He’ll take you on an enthralling journey to meet some real Insects from Hell.


  • Insects From Hell: Eco Warriors
    Eco Warriors are the armoured beetles and bugs with jaws and syringe-like mouthparts that eat their way through dung, dead wood and even each other.
  • Insects From Hell: Webs And Fangs
    Spiders are objects of nightmares but we're going to meet them for real. Presenter Jake Willers takes you for a closer look at some of the biggest, the most venomous and terrifying spiders.
  • Insects From Hell: Stings And Claws
    Meet some amazing crustaceans and the scorpion, the feared assassins with a sting in their tail.
  • Insects From Hell: Invaders
  • Insects From Hell: Kill Or Cure
    One of the world's biggest killers is transmitted by an insect, but this is only half the story, insects are also being used to offer remarkable cures.
  • Insects From Hell: In Deep Guano
    Presenter Jake Willers takes you on an arduous journey across one of Africa's most crocodile infested rivers to a remote cave, home to a secret insect world. There he encounters floors crawling with cockroaches and walls covered in spider infested slime. He discovers the creature that started this dark and eerie insect micro world, and captures parasites that may have never been filmed before. Jake will take you on a journey into your nightmares to meet some real Insects From Hell.
  • Insects From Hell: Bugs Rule
    From their dawn in the prehistoric oceans to first dominance on land, to the complex insect societies of today - arthropods are the most numerous species on Earth. Their adaptability and sheer numbers have enabled them to survive extinction events, movement of the continents, changing climates and the rise and fall of other dominant animals. Dinosaurs may have ruled the world but arthropods fed on their blood and devoured their carcasses. Meet brood X and witness the largest insect outbreak on earth.
  • Insects From Hell: CSI
    Arthropods have had a long time to perfect their attack and defence tactics. Theirs is a world of chemical and biological weapons, poisons, and cutting, crushing and tearing appendages and man is getting in on the action. Arthropods employ every environment from the subterranean to airborne assault. They lay traps, set ambushes, hunt alone and in groups, build and undermine defences, intercept communications, set scouts, form armies and impersonate their enemies. From the lone hunter-killer to the massed ranks of ant armies, simple ambush to siege warfare, sudden death to 'black ops'…join Jake as he explores the ruthless and violent world of the arthropod and examines the lessons man has learned from the arthropod battlefield.