Deep in the disappearing jungles of Africa, the secrets of the most mesmerizing and endangered creatures on this planet are being revealed.  

Our closest cousins – chimpanzees and gorillas – are living out dramas that are totally epic, and yet startlingly familiar.  

Young warriors go to war, kings rise and fall, mothers tenderly raise their young – preparing them for the battles ahead. 

These creatures truly have stories to tell. We knew they were intelligent. But now we know they have personalities and culture. 

Kingdom of the Apes shows that much of human behaviour originated among these animals, our kindred spirits. 

In these unique, character-driven stories, the tales of apes will touch your heart and blow your mind.


  • Kingdom of The Apes: Brother Against Brother
    A chimp tribe with an embattled leader, scheming challenger, wise old females and clinging infants shows parallels to human dynastic struggles.
  • Kingdom of The Apes: Clash of Kings
    35-year-old silverback Titus battles to retain his primacy as his son Rano strives to unseat him. In the lowlands, Kingo has rivals of his own.