Carter Andrews has been anchored in life by a drive and zeal for extreme fishing. Follow Carter in his international journey to track down and catch the fish of legend and lore.


  • Legendary Catch: Fishing For Dinosaurs
    In this chapter of Carter Andrews' life long quest to find and catch the most legendary fish to swim on the planet, he is in hot pursuit of the giant White Sturgeon.
  • Legendary Catch: River Jaguar
    Carter is in the Bolivian jungle in pursuit of a mythical fish that's known for its strength and razor sharp teeth - The Golden Dorado.
  • Legendary Catch: Jungle Giant
    Carter Andrews journeys deep into the South American rainforest of Peru to track and catch the legendary arapaima.
  • Legendary Catch: Bluefin Lightning
    Carter Andrews braves the freezing and dangerous ocean swells of the North Atlantic to fish for one of the largest and fastest creatures in the sea - the bluefin tuna.
  • Legendary Catch: Monster Marlin
    In one of Carter Andrew's most ambitious adventures yet, he travels across the Atlantic in search of the rare 1,000 + lb Blue Marlin, also known as a Grander.
  • Legendary Catch: Dino Fish
    Carter Andrews travels to one of the most diverse aquatic environments in the country, America's Gulf Coast, to search for legendary Alligator Gar.