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  • Life Below Zero: First Alaskans show

    Life Below Zero: First Alaskans

    The spirit of the land guides Alaska Natives through every season. Tig Strassburg passes on knowledge and skills to his seven...

  • Stepping Stones show

    Stepping Stones

    When the Russians arrived by the 18th century, Alaskan Native peoples had been there for thousands of years, developing and...

  • Answer the Call show

    Answer the Call

    Working with their families, Indigenous Peoples of Alaska thrive and survive in the lands of their ancestors. Tig Strassburg...

  • Homelands show


    Indigenous Alaskans pass on traditional values to their children and share their connection to the land they have always...

  • Against the Wind show

    Against the Wind

    Indigenous Peoples of Alaska rebuild their communities after Typhoon Merbok. John and Teresa Pingayak travel to camp to assess...

  • Taken By the Wolf show

    Taken By the Wolf

    As dark winter approaches, subsistence Alaskans use the waning daylight to prepare for the difficult season ahead. Tig...

  • Captain & Striker show

    Captain & Striker

    With winter behind them, the Indigenous Peoples of Alaska embrace the warmer weather with new projects and obstacles.

  • Burning Daylight show

    Burning Daylight

    Indigenous Alaskans make use of the long summer days, working round the clock to provide for their subsistence lifestyle.

  • Good Medicine show

    Good Medicine

    Alaskan Natives carry on tradition and build strength through community. Jody Potts-Joseph and her husband Jamey hunt for...

  • Strong Foundation show

    Strong Foundation

    Alaska Natives provide for their community as their ancestors did on the same lands. Chris and Nalu Apassingok battle the...

  • Uncertainty of the Future show

    Uncertainty of the Future

    The spring thaw brings new opportunities for Alaska’s Indigenous People, but also unforeseen dangers.

  • Warrior Spirit show

    Warrior Spirit

    Generations of Indigenous Peoples work to revive cultural practices once lost to colonization and raise the culture bearers of...