From the team behind LIFE BELOW ZERO, the next generation of freedom seekers tired of the rat race head off into the wilds of Alaska to build a life on their own terms in a race against time as their first frigid winter bares down on them with no mercy.


  • Life Below Zero: Next Generation: Kill or be Killed
  • Life Below Zero: Next Generation: Bear Chase
  • Life Below Zero: Next Generation: Risk to Reward
  • Life Below Zero: Next Generation: Nature’s Bounty
    As harsh winter approaches, the next generation of Alaskans use any means necessary to prepare and protect their most valuable resources. Johnny Rolfe travels through rough waters in search of the honey hole. Chris and Jessi Morse venture into new territory. Chevie Roach teaches his children valuable lessons while the Rowlands protect their hard earned firewood.
  • Life Below Zero: Next Generation: Zombie Fish
    Time is ticking for the residents of Alaska to stockpile fresh meat for winter. Johnny presses his luck trying to harvest resources from the ocean. The Millers reach new heights in search of fresh meat for themselves and village elders. The Rowlands explore new land to catch a valuable source of food while Chevie Roach scours the flatlands for moose in order to feed his family through winter.
  • Life Below Zero: Next Generation: Bird of Prey
    Alaskans must move quickly to secure food before winter covers the Arctic. The Roach family hopes to make up for lost time and harvest fish by gill net. The Millers must work as a team to quickly land black bass and halibut for themselves and the village elders. And Johnny Rolfe follows nature’s lead in an effort to score big game as a snowstorm looms on the horizon
  • Life Below Zero: Next Generation: Deadman’s Return
    Mother Nature gives the Next Generation a run for their money as they prepare for her wrath. Alex Javor must use his resources to build a fortress around his tent to protect himself. Chris and Jessi Morse brave 50mph winds in search of an ice fishing honey hole while the Roach’s battle the Innoko River to build a steam bath and Johnny Rolfe preps his meat cash for the dark months of winter.
  • Life Below Zero: Next Generation: Priceless
    Alaska’s harsh dark winter approaches and the Next Generation races the clock in order to survive its wrath. The Millers hope to harvest deer and learn new lessons. Alex Javor sets his sights on a new resource. Chevie and Sonta Roach teach their children keys to surviving off the land while Johnny Rolfe treks far to find a medicinal plant that will help his best friend’s survival.
  • Life Below Zero: Next Generation: The Monster
    As temperatures begin to drop, Alaskans must brace for imminent danger that winter brings. Jessi Morse embarks on her first solo caribou hunt, with Chris' support. Johnny Rolfe winterizes his cabin before he loses it all while Robert and RJ Miller hone in their duck hunting skills with a new partner and Alex Javor fishes before the lake freezes solid.
  • Life Below Zero: Next Generation: Clean Shot