Humanity may be losing half of its intellectual, social and spiritual legacy in a single generation, as the world loses a reported one language about every two weeks. Light at the Edge of the World examines this distressing truth, tracking four indigenous cultures, each uniquely dedicated to the preservation of their customs in the face of modernization: Inuit, Nepali Buddhist, pan-Andean and Polynesian.


  • Light At The Edge Of The World: Magic Mountain
    Wade Davis makes a journey into the heart of war-torn Colombia to visit one of the indigenous groups who call themselves the Elder Brother......
  • Light At The Edge Of The World: People Of The Windhorse
    Wade Davis travels to Mongolia to discover the secrets of the man-horse bond by taking part in the lives of his nomadic horsemen hosts.
  • Light At The Edge Of The World: Keepers Of The Dream
    We join Wade Davis as he travels the mystical trails of the 'Songlines' to unlock the secrets of a mysterious way of life known as the 'Dreaming.'
  • Light At The Edge Of The World: Heart Of The Amazon
    Join Wade Davis as he ventures deep into the South American rainforest to explore the depths of an ancient people who have lived for centuries in close harmony with the natural world around them.