Popular series Lockdown returns for a fifth season, with four new episodes looking at life behind bars in some of the toughest jails in the US.


  • Lockdown: Officers Under Siege
    With room for 4,000 inmates, Hillsborough County Jail is one of the biggest in Florida. The biggest threat from its addicts, burglars and murderers isn’t drugs or gangs, it’s attacks against officers.
  • Lockdown: San Antonio Gang War
    Bexar County Jail in San Antonio, Texas is in the middle of a gang war between the highly organised Mexican Mafia and the young, hot-headed Tango Orejons who used to do the Mafia’s dirty work.
  • Lockdown: Chaos In California
    Filled with nearly 2,500 inmates accused of everything from drugs to kidnapping to torture, Sacramento County Jail faces a huge problem: maintaining order and control in a highly overcrowded space with a dwindling number of officers. In this episode of Lockdown, we'll meet a married couple facing a potential life sentence on charges of torture and false imprisonment, a first-timer trying to steer clear of the Norteno prison gang, and a 52 year-old meth addict waiting to receive her sentence on charges of burglary and fraud.
  • Lockdown: Gang Central
    In Denver, Colorado, the County Jail is antiquated and increasingly unsafe. It is filled with almost 2,000 inmates, including accused murderers, drug dealers, and thieves. Nearly half of the inmates in the jail are believed to be involved with gangs. Some prisoners are trying to take advantage of the dilapidated old facility to make shanks, or homemade weapons, before they're transferred to a brand-new facility across town. In this episode of Lockdown, we'll meet the gangbangers at the Denver County Jail and the officers who risk their lives to keep them under control.