• Lost Treasures of Egypt show

      Lost Treasures of Egypt

      Series three of this immersive, action and discovery led Egyptian series, we follow the adventures of archaeology teams...

    • Secrets of Tutankhamun show

      Secrets of Tutankhamun

      In this episode, archaeologists unlock the mysteries of Egypt's most famous pharaoh, Tutankhamun. Technology reveals the...

    • Hunt For Queen Nefertiti show

      Hunt For Queen Nefertiti

      In this episode, archaeologists go on the hunt for Egypt's most mysterious Queen, Nefertiti. We explore a labyrinth of...

    • Mysteries of The Sphinx show

      Mysteries of The Sphinx

      Delving into one of the most enduring mysteries of ancient Egypt, this episode follows archaeologists on a mission to unravel...

    • Search For Cleopatra show

      Search For Cleopatra

      In this episode, archaeologists follow a trail of clues towards the tomb of Egypt's last pharaoh, Cleopatra. Experimental...

    • Ramses The Great: Empire Builder show

      Ramses The Great: Empire Builder

      In this episode, archaeologists follow clues to try and unlock the secrets of Ramses success. Cutting edge technology is used...

    • Secrets of The Pyramids show

      Secrets of The Pyramids

      Archaeologists explore Egypt's oldest necropolis to investigate the origins of the pyramids. Rare access to the first pyramid...

    • Death of The Pyramids show

      Death of The Pyramids

      Archaeologists hunt for clues to explain the abandoning of the pyramids. They unearth tactics used to protect mummies and find...

    • Curse of The Mummy show

      Curse of The Mummy

      Archaeologists search Egypts ancient burial grounds to solve the mysteries of the most intriguing artifacts of all: mummies.

    • Tutankhamun's Treasures show

      Tutankhamun's Treasures

      New technology reveals how Tutankhamun’s resting place remained hidden for so long and an amazing new discovery in a 4000...

    • Warrior Pharaoh Queen show

      Warrior Pharaoh Queen

      Archaeologists investigate the powerful reign of one of the greatest female pharaohs in history - Hatshepsut.

    • Tomb Raiders show

      Tomb Raiders

      Egyptologist Don Ryan works against the clock to examine the contents of Tomb 49 – and make a dramatic discovery.