National Geographic Explorer Albert Lin ventures into the Guatemalan jungle to explore how a new high-tech treasure map is revealing tens of thousands of ancient ruins. Now, dozens of archaeologists are heading on a voyage of discovery, exploring lost ruins for the first time in 1500 years. And what they're finding is rewriting the history of one of the world's most mysterious ancient civilisations - the Maya.


  • Lost Treasures of the Maya: Secrets of The Snake Alter
    The new treasure map leads to discovery of a lost fortress that paints a picture of a civilisation at war. A sacred altar is unearthed after 1500 years buried in a ruined temple, revealing secrets of the legendary Maya Snake King uprising. And Albert Lin travels to the most remote jungle corner of the Maya world, where cutting edge laser technology is helping to reveal evidence of a forgotten war.
  • Lost Treasures of the Maya: Secrets of The Underworld
    The new treasure map uncovers a mysterious and long-lost pyramid complex that reveals startling clues of violent sacrifice. Newly discovered cave systems deep in the jungle, are explored for the first time in a millennium, unearthing evidence of ancient Maya ritual. And Albert Lin embarks on a perilous mission of discovery in Mexico, diving deep beneath the surface of the Maya underworld.
  • Lost Treasures of the Maya: Secrets of The Lost City
    The new treasure map leads Albert to discover lost pyramids at the ancient city of El Palmar. Across the Maya world, archaeologists discover hidden treasures that reveal a civilisation of epic scale and sophistication, from a grand private palace to a razor-sharp obsidian knife blade, buried beneath the site of a sacrificial ball game.